Lead is one of the oldest and most reliable materials in the roofing industry and is still commonly used throughout the world today. In light of this fact, it is safe to say that lead has proven itself to be a reliable time and time again. A durable material, it is excellent for roofing purposes, and can last upwards of one-hundred years if maintained correctly. Lead has been used in roof construction for centuries and due to its superb malleability and low melting point, it can be moulded to any shape required. It is highly resistant to corrosion and non-combustible, making it ideal for all roofing applications no matter the climate.

Since 1985 The Roofing Crew have been the experts on any and all types of roofing installation across London and the surrounding areas. They are specialists in slate, tile, zinc, lead and fibreglass roof installations, repairs and maintenance. Decades of tried and tested  experience in the trade have allowed the company to offer a wealth of experience, from general roofing services to the more specialist areas as well as full roofing surveys and reports.

From lead flashings to dormers and flat roofs, lead roofing is the right choice for strong and great looking roofing. If you are looking for customised lead roofing for your home or business, simply get in touch with The Roofing Crew for a range of lead roofing types. They  guarantee expert craftsmanship and an attention to detail on every task that they undertake.

Please call with your specifications and enquiries. The Managing Director, Derek Little himself will visit your home to make a full assessment of your requirements, guaranteeing quality of work and expert craftsmanship which has been instrumental in helping with over 40% of business from word of mouth referrals alone. For more information or to discuss your requirements, please call 07973 429 945 or email info@theroofingcrew.co.uk