The roofs in New Mexico are delightful and often comic (in a good way) from the corrugated iron ones of Albuquerque to the high-end public buildings of Santa Fe.

However, what strikes me first as a roofer is the lack of guttering. Everywhere the flat roofs dump their rainwater via chutes straight down onto passageways, people and streets far below.

Two reasons come to mind. Santa Fe must not get much rain, but what does falls in torrents and normal guttering couldn’t cope. It is no coincidence Georgia O’Keeffe’s mountain paintings are scarred by flash floods.

As for the beautiful curved adobe walls, I was sad to find that, although their natural colour is often maintained, the adobe clay is now mixed with cement to stop it having to be re-rendered every few years. So like lots of good things in life, things aren’t all they appear.