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Roof surveys

The Roofing Crew offer a roof survey service to those people who are thinking of buying a property. A roof survey lets you find out what, if any, improvements will need making to the roof.

A charge will be made according to the height, size and complexity of the roof.

It is important to realise that a building surveyor will not get up onto the roof, and will not be able to tell you what may need attention.

Advantages of a roof survey

A roof survey will provide you with a detailed report on the quality of the roof to enable you to decide whether the roof requires immediate attention, or is good for many more years to come. This applies to both domestic and commercial buildings.

Why have a roof survey?

It’s a small detail but can give you a big advantage.

If you are buying a property and you are unsure on the quality of the roof, contact The Roofing Crew for a complete roof survey and report. Our experts will check the quality of the roof, and will advise you whether it requires a repair or a replacement. The survey report will also include a quote for any work that needs to be completed, helping you to make an informed decision when you buy a property.

Our surveys and reports are also helpful if you are looking to sell your property, giving you the tools you need to decide upon the most appropriate asking price.

If you have any questions or for more information, get in touch with us today.

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