Reclaimed Clay Tiles & Slate

Plain Tile Roofs The two classic materials used on roofs in London early in the last century were Welsh slate and clay plain tiles. Whereas roofers are very reluctant to reuse old slate, no matter how in mint condition it might appear, plain tiles are another matter....

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Roof Spread

Roof Spread/Roof Sag There is a little tip I give clients when looking at a house with a view to purchasing it. If it has a flat front with no bays, go up and stand under the front wall of the property. Look up at the gutter and if it is badly bowed and not straight,...

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Dry Rot

Things to look out for on your roof Patios | Asphalt | Dry Rot We are finding more and more evidence of dry rot in the timbers of old asphalt roofs that haven’t been maintained properly. Example 1 This shows an outdoor sitting area with an asphalt covering that was...

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