Think of it, someone designs a property that rather than discarding rainwater off the roof flanks to the gutters, funnels it downwards to a central valley that runs front to back of the property along the centre line of the bedrooms. They’re usually three of four floors high and often at some point in the past having the roof access hatch blocked off. The first thing the unfortunate tenants on the top floor know about the problems is when they come home in a thunderstorm to find the bedroom ceiling on the floor and their bed soaked. In my time and experience as a roofer, invert roofs are the one roof design that causes clients to open the door to you in tears. I know they were probably designed to stop the spread of fire along a block of terraces, but try explaining that to a distraught mother with her baby’s cot afloat in the next room… An example of the before and after installation process of an invert roof is shown below.
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