A lack of felt shouldn’t lead to a new roof! Just because your house is potentially nearing a hundred years old and has no felt, you shouldn’t be bullied into having a new roof. You see, in some ways, the felt lining is a hindrance, even on a slated roof. A leak will enter the roof space and track down the felt masking the true source of the problem further up. This can go on unnoticed for years with the battening getting soaked and eventually rotten. The lack of felt on an old roof means the site of any problem is immediately obvious. Many of the more expensive houses have clay tiles that were laid on lapped boards and have no felt lining. The boarding acts as an insulator. Should harsh winter frost damage cause tiles to go missing, it will carry any leaks down the wooden lining to the gutter. I’ve lost count of the number of lapped boarded roofs with dozens of tiles missing that had no obvious damage to ceilings. Furthermore, when repaired, the timber in question was still in perfect condition and a coating of anti-rot anti-woodworm treatment was all that was needed. Therefore no new roof is required, just some informed advice on the replacement of frost damaged tiles or missing slates. In the photographs that follow, the client requested an extensive repair using his own tiles. The original wooden boarding was left in place. No felt was necessary.
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