Handmade tiles by their very nature tend to be used on older and generally more expensively built properties. It is their very slight difference in shape, colour and contour that gives them their appeal. I personally have found they are also less liable to frost damage than their less expensive machine-made cousins, the Rosemary or Acme plain tiles. The house featured in the photographs was owned by a client who enquired if she needed a new roof as she had no felt and some tiles from her roof had slipped out of position and damaged a neighbour’s property. I assured her there was no need and that with a little research we could locate similar tiles to those damaged and restore the roof to its former glory. The thought of some unscrupulous roofer recommending stripping and retiling the whole roof with some bland modern equivalent made my blood boil. I think you will agree (by the gallery below), when we had finished the repair it looked magnificent. It is by far the most beautiful clay tiled roof our company has had the pleasure to work on.
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